It Happened Again!

What? ANOTHER one?!

Yes, people of the Internet, I have started another blog. This time I’m in it for real. No more Blogger. No more “Bodaciously G-Rated.” I know, it was definitely the best name I’ve come up with. But here I am, starting over. Because starting over just feels good.

Here’s the plan: share everything I’ve ever wanted to and be motivated enough to try all the experiments I’ve thought of. Some of them will include: home-made herbal teas, see how long I can go without spending money on food (though you’ll have to wait until I move out of my parents’ house for that one to really take flight), movie/book reviews, awesome online deals you can’t possibly pass up, inspiring videos I find, interesting (and probably just awkward) day-to-day experiences, success stories, failure stories, LISTS (look out Buzz Feed, I have already learned your ways), DIY tutorials, photo journeys, songwriting processes, financial tips (ha), musical discoveries, family adventures, Etsy shop development and promos, and anything else I can come up with that is more appealing than homework.

Get ready for an exciting ride – I plan to do this for the rest of my life. Especially when I’m a mom (or a cat lady as the case may be. Or, at this point, a fish lady. My next post will explain that one).

To avoid starting right off the bat with a “wow this is just a bunch of boring words ew never reading this blog again” reputation, I’ll end it here. Keeping it concise is key (that’s your wise one-liner for the day – something else you might get some more of if you keep coming back).


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