Good, Bad, Ugly, Awesome, Lame, Great, Stellar, Stinky, etc.

That’s how I would describe the last few days.

The good: the day Fabio was dying, I made myself a lovely salad. Something most people probably don’t know about me is that I am crazy about salads. I love them I love them I love them. Anyway, I wanted to try this salad I saw on Pinterest: BLT Chopped Salad. When I got home I discovered that we had basically none of the ingredients I needed, so I just made my own with whatever I could find. I ended up with this:


It was a somewhat random mix but ended up being pretty tasty, in case anyone wants to try it. I used:

Green onion
White onion
Bacon (because we don’t want it to be too healthy) (but mostly because bacon is amazing)
Cottage cheese
Then as dressing I used lime juice and olive oil, with a little salt and pepper on top.

I also made natural blueberry juice, something I drank a lot of while I was in Chile. You just take a cup or 2 of blueberries, add a little water and sugar, a little ice if you want, and blend. Wonderfully refreshing for people like me who ride their bikes all the way from campus on a summer afternoon.

Then, the bad: Fabio’s passing, of course.

The ugly: when I spilled blueberry juice all over myself. I had some left over that I took with me to work. I brought it in a plastic bottle I always use for smoothies, which I thought was pretty spill-proof. I didn’t notice that it was leaking all over me until I went to the restroom and saw myself in the mirror with purple spots all over one of my favorite shirts.

Because of the pattern of my shirt, you can’t really tell how much is spilled ALL OVER. It was also all over my pants but luckily you can’t see that at all.

I’ve never felt like such a slob. And I couldn’t just go home and change, I had to go straight from work to a doctor’s appointment. I was worried they might not take me too seriously like that at my new doctor’s office – what kind of weirdo just doesn’t notice or care that they have juice all over their shirt??? So I decided to go pick up a Tide-to-go pen at the campus store.

That was the awesome: I got the last one! There was only one left when I got there and I felt so relieved to be such a lucky woman.

The lame was: I learned that Tide-to-go pens don’t work too well on blueberry juice. The best I could do was turn the biggest purple splotches into expanded, faded-blue smeary splotches. At that point I really couldn’t go home and change, so I hoped they wouldn’t notice or care at my doctor’s office.

The great was: no one said anything about my shirt. And the doctor didn’t seem to take me any less seriously (whew).

Then, the STELLAR!!!

Last night I fulfilled one of my life-long (well since like 10th grade) dreams of seeing Ingrid Michaelson in concert. It. Was. Absolutely. AMAZING. She is UNREAL live. And she has been my favorite (if I say someone else is my “favorite” don’t judge me, I just have several favorites) for years and I am in love with practically every song she’s ever written. I am ESPECIALLY obsessed with this performance:

I know it’s terrible quality but just listen to her! AH. My only complaint about this concert was that it was over way too soon. I hope to see her again.

Anyway, I’ll finish with the stinky: us after the concert because it was so hot! It’s been really hot lately and I don’t love it, I’ll be honest. Summer’s great when you’re a kid and you just stay in your swim suit all day and eat popsicles. But when you still have real life to deal with (work and school, particularly), all summer means is just having more places to go and getting nice and sweaty by the time you get there. It’s okay though – at least today we have air-conditioned cars. If you haven’t taken a moment to appreciate that today, please do so now.

And then before you go just watch one more little Ingrid video 🙂

Okay just one more…

Have a great Father’s Day, everyone!


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