Pinterest Not-Quite Fails!

Everyone has to be a victim of a Pinterest fail at some point. Some things simply aren’t as easy as they are made to look on the Internet. Well, for Father’s day I tried two things that didn’t work out perfectly, but weren’t quite fails either, and will probably be perfect next time.

Mom asked me to make dessert for Father’s Day dinner, so I decided to try these lava cakes: Chocolate Lava Cake. They turned out pretty delicious, but they were slightly over-cooked. They weren’t runny in the middle, just gooey. I’m not sure if it’s because I made them too small or if they recipe says to cook them too long. Anyway they are actually pretty easy and dangerously yummy.

Then I decided to try this photo-to-wood transfer that I saw in this tutorial: DIY: Make Easy Photo Transfer. I used a photo of my dad and me, which worked okay. I messed up the edges a little bit, but for a first time attempt I was pretty impressed. I’ll definitely be using this idea again.

And if you’re not into cooking or crafting, here is a great list of “DIY” tips that are really just cool life hacks. Love it.

Remarkable DIY Life Hacks

And there you have it. Next time you hear from me, I’ll be a little bit older, and probably not much wiser since I’m a slow learner.


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