What a Mormon Girl Does on her 21st Birthday

Your 21st is just like any other birthday if you don’t plan on drinking or gambling. That doesn’t mean it’s any less cool, though. I think following my church’s standards is pretty cool. It just forces you to be more creative sometimes. This year I ate a lot of ice cream to celebrate and called it good. (I should do that every year. Oh, wait, I do. Yum).

My birthday was my salvation as far as financial guru-ism goes. After my post about “Going Cold Turkey” on unnecessary spending, I couldn’t bring myself to buy some things that I sort of almost needed but in the true sense of the word didn’t really need. So, I got them as birthday presents. Easy enough. It’s great when you’re older because no one plans on buying you surprise presents, but you can ask your parents for specific things and they just might oblige. My dad gave me money to buy myself some exercise pants. He said that would be my present to him as well; not making him to go Walmart or wrap the present. A classic Glazier win-win.

Then I sent my parents a link to a curling iron I wanted. Here’s where my dad’s sense of humor comes in: we went out to dinner the day before my birthday and when I thanked him for the meal, he said, “Well, since we couldn’t afford a curling iron for you, I figured this was the least we could do.”

I was shocked. “But, dad, it was like 20 bucks,” I said.

“What?! I thought it said $189.00!”

“What! No! Maybe 18.99 or something, you must have read it wrong.”

“Shoot. Oh well.”

I started laughing. My dad’s eyesight must really be getting bad, I thought. “Okay, when we get home we’ll look at the link I sent you,” I said, rolling my eyes.

The next day (my birthday) he brought out a Priority Mail box, wrapped elegantly in nothing but a stick-on bow. It was my curling iron!

“What?! I thought you didn’t get it because you thought it was $200!”

“Well, I called around this morning and I finally found a place in [some town I’ve never heard of] that had it.”

“Dad, you didn’t have to do all that!”

He started to chuckle. “GOTCHA! Of course I didn’t go all the way to [town I’ve never heard of] just for a curling iron, it’s hours away. I bought it within minutes of you sending me the link.”

I can’t believe I actually believed him. I can be so gullible. The good news is, now I have a brand new curling iron, so for the first time in approximately 3 years I actually curled my super-straight hair! If you have ridiculously straight hair like I do, and you’ve never been able to curl it, watch for my tutorial I’ll be posting soon.

I decided to do it when I had some time after going for a lovely hike. If you live in Utah and you’ve never hiked Stewart Falls, you must must must go. YOU MUST. It’s a fun destination for a relatively easy hike. You can look at my photos, but none of them are as great as the real thing. My personal fave is this one:


I like to call this one “when you try to take a jumping photo but you fail so you just party.”

IMG_6705  Going in…


…and right back out very quickly. BRRRRRR.




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