Mozart is Cooler than You Thought


Guys. I’ve always only listened to classical music while I study. But last week I saw the play Amadeus, and it made me extremely curious about my pal Wolfgang. Was everything in the play (similar to the movie based off it) true and historical? What made his music so great? Why is he considered such a genius and why is his music so widely known today, more so than so many other composers of his time? I nerded out big time this weekend and did some serious research.

Okay, so by “serious research” I mean I read the Wikipedia article about him. (Which is really interesting by the way). I also read the article about the play, which explains that it isn’t entirely true. Some things about the music he composed, who he married, that he had two sons, and that he actually liked potty humor (I was blown away by this — so unexpected) are true. It seems that he wasn’t quite as ridiculous and childish as portrayed in the film and play, however.


I hope to do further research in the future, with all my free time (ha, ha).

But one of the COOLEST things about Mozart is that he composed this sonata:

Based on studies performed by the British Epilepsy Organization, listening to it reduces the number of seizures in people with epilepsy. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!

Can’t. Even. Seriously. This guy is such a genius. I’m sure he didn’t intend to do that with his music, but I love the fact that his music helps peoples’ brains. I have been listening to Mozart and other classical composers for the last few days as I study and I already feel smarter.

Okay, I guess I should acknowledge one thing: there is no evidence that Mozart actually makes you smarter. His as well as other classical composers’ works may facilitate temporary improved spacial reasoning, but won’t turn you into genius. The fact that I pretty much bombed my history midterm on Saturday are evidence of that…

Doesn’t matter, though. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart will forever be considered a cool guy.



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