The Simplest Foods I Just Can’t Get Over

For some reason I felt like making a list of these because . . . let’s be honest, there’s really no reason. Except that I love food. So let’s talk about simple, delicious food.

PB & Nutella sandwich.

Avocado with salt.

Grilled cheese with tomato.

Berries with plain yogurt.

Chocolate chip cookies.

Quesadillas with salsa. (Oh man, Costco organic salsa is like heavennnnn)

Celery with peanut butter.

Banana with peanut butter.

Basically anything with peanut butter.

Are you hungry yet?

Just a reminder that sometimes the simplest foods are the best foods, and it’s not always necessary to make an extravagant meal or eat out to have something yummy. Plus more natural = more healthy a lot of the time. Hooray!

P.s. stay tuned for my comprehensive health guide based on my extensive research (guys, seriously, I skimmed like 1.5 books. BOOKS!).


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