Sisters Before Mixers

I love music. If you don’t know this about me, well, you aren’t very good at stalking my blog.

Really though. I can’t do anything without music playing in the background. I’m hopeless that way.

So, if you have music playing 24/7, you’re bound to run out sometime, right? No. Because there is a never-ending supply of fantastic music out there. I have been finding so much good stuff lately that I haven’t gone completely over to Christmas music yet because I just want to listen to all my new stuff . . .

So how do I discover new music? I don’t really know. I just stumble across it in various ways: Pandora, YouTube, concerts (sometimes the openers you didn’t intend to see are awesome), the radio (if you live in Utah county you really ought to check out 90.9, 91.7, 96.3, and 101.9 FM–between them all I’m rarely disappointed), ski movie soundtracks, and of course, good old recommendations from friends. Some artists I absolutely love are big on YouTube, and I love discovering music that way.

That’s actually what I wanted to get at here, so before I keep going on about all the places you should look for new music, I’ll get to the point. Recently I have come across a couple really great bands, and both of them are made up completely of sisters. Since I have a sister, I decided to post about these great bands of sisters so my sister will be convinced to join me in creating a hit YouTube band. Just kidding. But check them out!

First, Gardiner Sisters. They do a lot of YouTube covers and they have some good original stuff too. I mostly just can’t get over this amazing cover of “Like I Can” by Sam Smith.


Then, Joseph. They just have the most amazing sound together. This could only be attained by people who share genes, I’m pretty sure.

Now that I’ve started talking about music, I’m going to find it difficult to stop. Stay tuned for recommendation upon recommendation. (Yea or nay on a Christmas playlist for everyone? Too bad. I already decided yea).


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