The Ultimate Christmas Playlist: Day 1

I said it was coming, and it came. My Christmas playlist! Instead of doing just a playlist of songs, I decided to make it more applicable to life. So here you have a perfectly tailored playlist with a song or two for each day until Christmas. This also serves as a countdown to Christmas . . . eeep! I was going to put it all in one post, but it started getting way too long and I was like “I know how attention spans are and no one will read this.” So I’ll be posting each day. Besides, you can never have too much Christmas cheer, right?

Day 1: Tuesday Dec 15

It’s been snowing and even the people who detest the cold can’t help but love it. If you’re going to decorate at all, you’ve probably done so by now. If you’re doing your shopping now, it’s almost considered “last-minute.” Your self-control with holiday food has already reached a minimum. ‘Tis the season, and even the grinches among us can’t deny it. These are a couple great songs to welcome in the season.

“It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” by Michael Buble (I’ll just be honest upfront, his version of basically any song is going to be my favorite).

“Christmas Lights” by Coldplay

If this doesn’t get you in a good mood, the following video surely will. Remembering why this time of year is such a big deal, at least for me, really puts things into perspective. Look how happy the cute children are about Jesus being born! I think we should all have an attitude more like that.

This one is awesome as well. It really makes you think.

Keep your eye’s open for following posts. This is gonna be fun!


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