The Ultimate Christmas Playlist: Day 3

Day 3: Thursday Dec 17

You’ve nearly reached the weekend before Christmas, and you can almost taste the peppermint hot cocoa and cheese log with Toll House crackers. You’ve worn the same Christmas sweater for a few days now, and your diet has consisted primarily of gingerbread house candy that gets harder with each passing day (just like your frozen, stress-ridden heart). The lighthearted holiday songs just aren’t doing anything for you anymore. You’re starting to turn to more reflective, religious music, because if you’re going to survive one more day of this, seriously, you’re gonna need divine help.

“O Come O Come Emmanuel” (many, many versions)

IF THAT LAST VIDEO ISN’T ENOUGH TO GET YOU THROUGH FINALS I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS. Seriously though. Watch the Lindsey Sterling one if nothing else from this. And watch it, though. The story is the most important part.








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