The Ultimate Christmas Playlist: Day 6

Day 6: Sunday Dec 20

Sunday is a day of prayer, after all, so you listen to my bff David on repeat while you’re getting ready for church.

“The Prayer” by David Archuleta and Nathan Pacheco

And then you sing “Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful” at church and you’re like “this song is the GREATEST” and it really gets you in the spirit so you listen to it the rest of the day.

“Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful”by BYU Vocal Point and BYU Noteworthy

And then you’re like oh yeah, a bunch of YouTubers also did an awesome version of this hymn:

“Angels from the Realms of Glory” by all the cool Mormon people and Peter Hollens!

Church is so great at Christmas time. And so are Sundays. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day always kind of feel like Sunday to me as well. I guess it’s the spirit of the whole season.


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