The Ultimate Christmas Playlist: Day 7

Day 7: Monday Dec 21st

If you’re working, you can hardly stand it by now. You want to be outside in the snow, or at home sipping hot cocoa while watching Elf.  In fact, you keep laughing to yourself like a crazy person because you’re remembering this part:

Which leads me to today’s first song. I love Idina Menzel’s version with Michael Buble. Not only is the video adorable and innocent, but the song is extremely well-done by two of my favorite singers.

But after all the lighthearted entertainment, you remind yourself that you should remember the true meaning of Christmas. (I love this video so much. Last year when it was released, I watched it approximately 80,576 times and cried for 80,570 of them). At church recently someone pointed out that people live the Gospel of Jesus Christ more during Christmas time, but without realizing it. They call it “Christmas Spirit” when they do more service, give more gifts, and focus more on their families. That’s what the Gospel is all about—charity and families. I also love this video because it’s a reminder that all the traditions should make us remember Jesus. Giving gifts is only a minute symbol of the greatest gift that was ever given to us—the life of our Savior.

Even though it’s not technically a music video, the music in the background of that video is pretty amazing. But here’s some more music anyway to finish off today’s playlist. I have so many songs that I want to include and the days are numbered (seriously though if I do this again next year I’ll have to start on December 1st). Here are a few cool spin-offs of really old songs, and then one new song telling a really old story.

“Lo How a Rose E’er Blooming” by Fictionist
This. Is. So. Cool. And. I. Love. It. The members of Fictionist are Provo’s favorite hipsters (or should be, anyway).

” O Holy Night” by Shane & Shane
Their voices blend sooooo nicely. And I’m always a fan of anything acoustic. I’m not, however, a fan of the middle guy’s beard. Then again, this was in 2012. So hopefully that beard is long gone by now. I dunno though because I’m too afraid to look at any new stuff just in case it’s still there. Anyway the song is still great.

“Joy to the World (You are my Joy)” by Rend Collective
A fun spin on a classic hymn.

“First Christmas Story” by The Strike
I just love this. It’s so pretty. And I love the story it tells. Just all around great.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did (and do, because when I find a song I like I simply can’t stop listening to it). I also hope they help you remember that someone loves you enough to sacrifice everything just for you, and that’s why all these people can’t stop singing about it.


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