The Ultimate Christmas Playlist: Day 9

Day 9: Wednesday Dec 23rd

You’ve got nowhere to go (unless you’re skiing) and you just hope that the snow-dusted yard stays picturesque enough for you to snap a the perfect Christmas day Instagram selfie.

You just might be browsing the internet long enough to stumble across this:

And then you decide it’s time to do something productive. If you’re like me, playing the ukulele (and pretending to play the guitar, but we don’t really need to talk about my lack of skill there). I decided to do something different for y’all today and include a song of my own in the playlist! Except . . . I haven’t really written any songs . . . so here’s a little ditty I didn’t write.

And, just so you still have a normal, real, good, real good, normal song, here’s “Let it Snow by Michael Buble. (I warned, you didn’t I? I love his Christmas music too much).


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