New Year’s Resolution (SINGULAR!)

This year I will make one resolution. Only one. Because as I looked over my 2015 resolutions, plural, it went something like this:

In that order.

But, seriously, guys. One of my goals was to get a 4.0. A 4.0!!!

If you know anything about how school went for me this semester . . . well . . .

Actually, looking at my grades, I did get a  4.0 one semester. At least, I got a whole semester worth of A credit from a Spanish exam after I got home from my mission. So, hey, I didn’t fail as badly on my goals as I once thought!

Let’s look at some other ones! Exercise, scripture study, eating habits . . . yikes never mind let’s not.

Anyway, that’s what starting a new year is all about, right?!

And since I have never, ever remembered or cared enough about my New Year’s resolutions to actually fulfill them, I have a new plan this time. No-chocolate November was surprisingly attainable, and no-soda December has been a breeze (I’ve only been really tempted a couple of times). So what if I just give up one thing each month for all of 2016? It’s almost like having 12 resolutions, only at different times, so I will actually remember them. And if the internet holds me accountable, I might actually care enough to achieve them.

We’ll see how it goes. But for now . . . I need to decide what to give up in January! Vote below and I’ll maybe take your opinion into consideration (if I feel like it).


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