No-Snooze January

The internet (you guys) has spoken, and I will be giving up hitting the snooze button for ALL OF JANUARY. This is actually good. I have a class at 8 am that I really need to be on time to, and we all know my track record with 8 am classes. It’s not great.

I’ve already gone two days strong! My roommate has never been more shocked and/or impressed (I can’t exactly tell which), my teachers probably don’t hate me yet, and I have actually been wearing makeup because I’ve had time in the morning to put on makeup. WHAT!

I watched a Ted Talk recently (don’t even ask me who was speaking or what it was called cause I will regrettably have to inform you that I have no idea) where the lady talked about not hitting snooze. She said that if you don’t hit snooze, you’re starting your day off with a victory. She’s totally right! It feels great to be stronger than the natural inclination to stay in bed.

And it hasn’t really even been that hard. It was just a matter of planning on getting up, because if I give myself the option, I’m always going to choose just a feeeew more minute of sleep. However, if I decide the night before that I’m not going to go back to sleep once I wake up, the decision is easy in the morning (and let’s be real, I’m not coherent enough to make a wise decision when I wake up anyway. I should have figured this out a looooong time ago).

Anyway, when I get a 4.0*, a husband**, a puppy***, a million dollars****,  this semester because of this*****, I’ll have you—my lovely readers—to thank. Thanks for voting for this! I’ll be sure to get your input for next month’s challenge.

*Subject to change
**I told you I was wearing makeup, didn’t I? I’ll have a serious chat with some Mary Kay executives if this one doesn’t come true.
***Please help me convince my mom
****Also subject to change
*****These promises are not approved by the FDA