Other Stuff That Happened Recently as Documented by my Phone Photos

Some bloggers do some kind of weekly photo recap. We all know I’m not consistent enough to do that. But I could do one with a non-specified frequency of recurrence.

Here we go. The photos I feel like sharing with y’all because . . . well, because why not?

That one time I went ice skating and pulled Sarah (if you don’t know her you should cause she’s the greatest) the whole time.  LOOK HOW HARD I’M WORKING AND HOW HAPPY SHE IS. SLAVE LABOR. JK I loved it. I just really didn’t want to stop skating. 


Why is she smelling my hair instead of helping me up? Rude.
NEW PROVO TEMPLE OPENHOUSE! I got to go with my “family” members from the ward and it was lovely. I’m so excited about this temple. I’ll be dedicating a post to it on its own soon, because the tabernacle/now temple means a lot to me.
When you receive a snowman sock-bun white elephant gift but your hair is like 2 inches long, us it on your roommate. Is it a coincidence that she cut her hair after this? Hm . . .
Had an AMAZING ski day on MLK Jr. Day. It was basically a blizzard up at solitude the whole time and it wasn’t crowded at all. Fresh pow pow for dayzzzzz. The whole time I was just thinking, “Yeah, you BETTER be worth it cause I hardly get to go skiing this season!”
More from the fabulous ski day. Pure magic.
Awwww sleepy Kaal cuddling with Fritz. This is a good way to end.

Frugal February

I know, I know. It’s been a while. If you’re upset that I haven’t been enriching your life with my normally constantly-flowing fountain of wisdom and entertainment (also known as: the blog), I’m sorry.

Just look at this picture of me and try to not forgive me, while keeping in mind that a roommate who is supposed to be my FRIEND posted this on the INTERNET. I DARE YOU. I know, it’s impossible. I’m such a victim.


Anyway. Now that I have successfully defaced my own name, I will get to the positive stuff!

Lest ye hath forgotten, last month was “No-Snooze January.” There were doubters. There were haters. There were those who stood by and scoffed. They said it was impossible. They pointed at me, laughing, and said “YOU?! AUBREY?! YOU REALLY THINK YOU CAN GET UP ON TIME?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” and then drove away in their nice cars and threw food at me while my determination only increased twofold, or probably like twelve, no, fifteenfold!

Okay so actually it was more like this:

Me: I’m going to go an ENTIRE MONTH without hitting snooze.

Person: Cool, I should probably do that.

Me: Yeah. It’s amazing. You feel great when you get up on time. And it’s better if you wake up the first time because you start your day with a victory! Plus it doesn’t throw off your circadian rhythms, leaving your body and mind confused, which–

Person: Cool story OK see ya

Me: *mumbles* makes you more tired.

 And I stand by everything I said. I think that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. (And, secret: I’ve still been doing it this whole month too! It became a habit and I’ve done a lot better at being on time to stuff. My roommate would probably interject here “Well, at least a little better.” And I would say “No, a LOT!” Except when I installed a system update on my phone that changed how my alarm works and I slept through important things for about 4 straight days without figuring out the problem.

ANYWAY THE WHOLE POINT of this post is to share my February goal! The overall problem has to do with spending . . . *shudder* money is the absolute worst. We should go back to a bartering system.

Anyway. I don’t know if any of you will remember a post from last year where I re-committed myself to be more thrifty and not buy stuff just because it was cheap, or because I was feeling emotional, or any other reason unless I really needed it. I did great for a while, and then I moved out and started having to buy my own food again and . . . you know how it goes.

So I made a pact with my roomie that we weren’t going to buy any clothes or shoes this past month. Just for a month. To develop self-control and all that jazz. It kinda worked, except we both cheated a little. (The only things I bought were VERY justified and I will tell you all about it some other day. MY ROOMMATE ON THE OTHER HAND, HINT HINT TOSHA I HOPE YOU’RE READING THIS YOU BIG CHEATER PANTS).

So then we extended it to this month. I figured it was a worthy enough goal to fall under my one-goal-a-month plan for the year. This is one that I hope will turn into a habit, just like the alarm one! Life is better when you’re in control of dumb stuff like that.

How are everyone else’s goals coming? (I was *this* close to putting a winky face here and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it).