Minus Malicious Mumbling March

Oh, the things I do for the sake of alliterations.

Anyway, it’s me again, telling you about my goals. If you didn’t read about my goals for January or February, go ahead and check them out).

To give you the update on how things are going: well, prepare for disappointment. “Frugal February” was not quite as successful as I would have hoped. The goal was to not buy any clothes or shoes (with the exception of things I actually need for my study abroad this summer that I find on clearance, which did happen a couple times). I cheated a couple of times on this goal, but I actually did REALLY WELL on overall spending. It probably has more to do with the fact that in January I was buying all my textbooks than anything else, but I nearly cut my credit card bill in half, y’all! (I also tried to spend less on food, which also only sort of worked. But hey, progress is progress!)

So this month, I decided to go with something a little less measurable and tangible—negativity.

I don’t know how well I communicated this with my title, but I want to stop saying negative things about people. Sure, there’s plenty to criticize about everyone, but why do we do it? I want people to be understanding of my flaws, so I’m going to try to be more understanding of theirs. If there’s something that bothers me so much that I just can’t stand it, I’ll say it to their face. I’ll talk to them about it. And if it’s not worth it to me to talk to them, then I won’t keep dwelling on it.

Why this, why now? I’ve had a few moments of reckoning the past few weeks (and really my whole life). I’ve realized that I am simply ALWAYS WRONG about people. Every. Time. 

Exhibit A. I have a professor that, if you’ve talked to me recently, I’ve probably complained about. His class has been frustrating for me because I feel like it shouldn’t be hard for me, and yet, it is. I complained about how he didn’t care about his students and was not sympathetic when I missed a day because I was sick. Ever since then, I’ve noticed he’s actually probably one of the nicest professors I’ve had. Today, for example, he noticed that I wasn’t all there (I was seriously drained, and out of it, and just like checked out . . . let’s just say sleep habits are not what they should be. As if that were something new for me, lol). After class he asked if I was feeling okay. WHAT OTHER TEACHER OF MINE HAS EVER DONE THAT?! NOT ONE. I was like “OK, maybe he actually does care about his students. Like, I’m definitely at fault here.” And he isn’t the only one. I always end up loving professors that I hated at the beginning. The more you get to know someone, the more you realize that they aren’t actually intentionally attempting to ruin your life. Funny, huh?

Exhibit B. I have a friend who has become good friends with every person in my apartment (even my giant teddy bear) and comes over several times a week. Our first impression of him? Terribly, terribly wrong. Like, I’m embarrassed to even talk about it. Basically, we thought he was presumptuous and full of himself. Turns out, he’s the kindest person you’ll ever meet and a great friend. And again, this isn’t the only time this has happened. Basically all the people I end up being great friends with are not people I would have expected to be great friends with.

It’s too easy to cast judgment, and talking about it with someone else only perpetuates the feeling that it’s actually true. So this month, I’m not going to do it. I may not have to like everyone, but I don’t have to speak poorly of anyone either.

Now, anyone who would like to join me is welcome. And let’s make this a month minus any malicious mumblings.

If you need inspiration, just watch Steph Curry for a little. I wish I would have watched this game, you guys. HE IS UNREAL (as if you hadn’t already heard).


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