Healthy Food, Pffft

If you’ve never seen Kid History Episode 6, I feel like now would be an appropriate time for you to see it.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, just watch this one little part at 1:17 (so you can at least know how the title of this post is to be read).

My roomies always make fun of me because I’m one huge walking irony. I am always trying Paleo/clean-eating/organic recipes, buying all-natural foods, making replacements for yummy things (like black bean brownies, which I am STILL HEARING COMPLAINTS ABOUT like 3 months later!). I love salads, I try to include vegetables in almost all my meals, and instead of breakfast cereal I usually make smoothies with berries and kale. Seems pretty like a pretty sound game plan, right?

The irony comes in when I start eating Doritos as a study snack and end up eating like a million of them, or have unstoppable cravings for Panda Express, or decide to make a dense, gooey, delicious (and of course, calorie-and-fatty-goodness PACKED) chocolate cake at 10:00 PM. I want to be healthy, but I’m terrifyingly inconsistent. How much of a problem is this? Debatable. Some would argue that the stress and guilt of trying and failing to follow a strict regimen are actually worse than the adverse effects of “unhealthy” food (me. I would argue this). Plus, some food just tastes SO GOOD, and no amount of “this will give you diabetes” can change that. BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t want to try to take care of myself.

I’m not saying I have perfected this. I’m in an experimental phase right now. I’m trying new recipes, brands, and tactics for eating healthy. I’m developing opinions about what is worth sacrificing a few points on the health scale to gain a few on the taste scale, and what satisfies cravings just as well in a revamped, more healthy form.

One recipe I’ve loved so far can be found here: Peach Balsamic Rosemary Chicken

I ate it with brown rice and loved it! Just be warned, it might not look as beautiful as their pictures, and picky eaters may not be tempted by its appearance. When I made it the sauce was kind of just a brown sludge . . . don’t let that discourage you, though.

Then another recipe I’ve actually made multiple times (which, since I’m in a so-called experimental phase, that’s a big deal). It satisfies my cookie cravings without all the things I’m (supposedly) trying to avoid. Here’s the original recipe, if you’re interested. This is a good one if you’re trying to avoid wheat and/or cut back on sugar.

I actually altered it slightly by leaving out the walnuts (I didn’t have any) and adding chia seeds, flax, and chocolate chips. I know, I know, chocolate chips don’t really mesh with the whole “uber-healthy” idea. But they make the cookies much more tasty, and the final product is still healthier than the alternative . . . right?

As long as you don’t expect them to taste as fabulous as your classic chocolate chippers, they are a good substitute for constant snackers like me. (And believe me, cookies are an important part of my life. I will never trust a love language test until I find one that includes “cookies” as one of its categories).

Here’s a picture my roommate insisted on taking when I accidentally put in too many raisins and they all fell out and puffed up like crazy little puffer fish in the oven.


So there you go. Try the recipes if you want, or don’t. I’ll keep you updated on my search for healthy recipes that don’t have end results resembling toasted cardboard or sauce-covered dirt.


One thought on “Healthy Food, Pffft

  1. Ha ha hermana Glazier… I simply looove reading your posts! And I love you! BTW oatmeal banana cookies are the best, the only thing to consider is not including too many raisings ha ha. Besos!!!


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