Of all those answer options, ELEVATORS was the winner for April. I have to go for all of April without using an elevator. I put that on the list, thinking it wouldn’t be noticed or chosen, and that if it were, it wouldn’t be difficult to give up at all. But when I realized last night that I often have to take a cart up and down a couple floors for work, I determinedly told my roomies that I would not be following the poll results this month. I mean, come on, I HAVE to do my job.

Unless . . . (dang roommates are too smart and creative) I could just send the cart down on its own in the elevator, then run down the stairs to meet it.

??? Am I really doing to do this? Is it really worth it?


Never has work been so adventurous (except maybe that time when I had to clean out a bunch of vans that had been on weeks worth of geology field trips . . . and trust me, you don’t even want to know).

I’ll probably be getting some weird looks from people as I shove a cart into an elevator, run down several flights of stairs, and pull a lone cart out of an elevator on the next floor. But do I care what they think? NAH. I care about all y’all lovely followers who care enough about my life to make it juuuuust a little bit difficult.

Much love.


One thought on “ELEVATORS?

  1. I’m pretty sure putting the cart in the elevator still counts as using the elevator. Next time put the cart on your back and carry it down/up the stairs. That’ll really work the quads.


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