No-Negativity May

I know I just barely started talking about Jerusalem, but I have to address something really quick. No-elevator April went really well, guys! I rode a lot of escalators going through the airport, but it’s not the same thing . . . so I was successful in my goal! Ha! It’s been fun going up and down the stairs of the Jerusalem Center here (honestly it’s not that bad, it’s usually only a couple of floors at a time) and hopefully it will stay a habit. That should keep me healthy.

Now you’re all wondering what I’m going to do for May. Will I keep going with the goals even though I’m on a study abroad? Is there something I can give up even though I’m all the way over here in a foreign country and I basically have no idea what’s going on? Yes! Of course! In fact, I thought of something that I hope will help me get the most out of the experience: no negativity.

The plan is to stop myself before I say anything negative—anything at all. I know in March the thing was to avoid speaking poorly of anyone behind their back, but this is even more. Yes, it includes not saying anything unkind about my fellow students on the program, the people of Israel, or even people back home. But it also includes complaining about the weather (you should have seen how sweaty I was today . . . iiieccchhh), my level of tiredness, my homework, being forced to play basketball (yes, that happened, and no, I don’t want to talk about it), etc. Hopefully it will help me to enjoy every moment more and savor this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Hurrah for Israel! (Is that being appropriately used? No idea. Anyway you get the idea of how I feel about this place and the fact that I get to spend a whole summer here   !!!)


One thought on “No-Negativity May

  1. You said something negative about being sweaty in this post. Hashtag instant fail.

    To reach enlightenment you must realize that sweat is not gross, but that it is your body’s built-in climate control. When you sweat you should think, “Aaaahhh, I love to sweat.” Then be sure to stay properly hydrated and replace the electrolytes you lost while sweating.


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