More Photos, Hooray! And an Excellent Week!

I’ve taken way too many photos this past week and today and I figure SOMEONE out there must want to see them, so here you go.

My twin (on the right, she’s one of the two other Aubreys here in our group!!!)
Drinking this herbal tea in a Bedouin hand-woven camel hair tent, not a big deal (Bedouins are Islamic desert nomads who sell woven rugs etc. to maintain their cultural heritage and be self-sustaining).
Whaddup, just hangin out in the Negev where Abraham probably lived or something.


The loooong descent into an ancient water cistern. SO COOL.


Children of Israel wandering in the desert


Zedekiah’s cave. It’s all carved out right under the Old City, where they got the stone to build the temple under King Zedekiah.
You can see where they quarried out the stone.
Look how huge it is! And this is all right under the city!


Za’atar PYRAMID!


YMCA Tower
View from the top of the bell tower
We got to play these bells 🙂
Inside the YMCA. One of the nicest lobbies ever?
Mosaics on the wall in West Jerusalem
The Waffle Bar. Biggest, sugary-est, creamiest, fruitiest, chocolatiest waffle ever. Instant sugar-coma. These ones are DEFINITELY for sharing.
Secret door in the Old City!
We had a formal talent show and it was great. We have a very musical group and it is SO MUCH FUN.
Selfies with Brittany’s GoPro (we went all around the city on an adventure searching for a selfie stick and we finally found it and then she needed something else to secure it so we found some random guy who put a screw in it and didn’t charge us probably because we’re nice Mormons or something)
Love them group selfies


I’ll try to sum up what’s been going down. First things first, on Sunday a group of us got to play the bells in the Jerusalem YMCA tower! It was a lot of fun. It’s kind of like playing a really big, awkward organ.

On Sunday we also wandered around the city. Then Monday we had an incredible field trip all around the Negev desert. Later in the week we went to an impressive Russian Orthodox church, then later, the pool of Bethesda. There’s a beautiful chapel at Bethesda as well, and we got to sing inside. The acoustics were AMAZING and it sounded so cool. I hope to go back there soon and get some photos because it was awesome.

Now, for the upcoming week: we are headed off to Egypt tomorrow! I am EXTREMELY excited. I’ve been fascinated by ancient Egypt since 6th grade when we learned about it (for my project I made a “cartouche” out of wood with my name on it in Egyptian hieroglyphs but don’t ask me to write that now cause I would have no idea how). And now, I’m actually going. I was always like “yeah, that would be cool, for someone who has cash to burn and personal security guards and knows what the heck they are doing (in other words: not me).” Turns out, that’s not necessary, because even though I don’t have that much cash to burn, we will have security and there are some professors and people with us who do know what the heck they’re doing. In fact, they know quite a lot what the heck they’re doing because they’ve been to Egypt more than 20 times (at least one of them has). Bottom line: I feel very lucky/blessed/psyched.


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