Neature field trips and more exploration

We went on a field trip to a wildlife preserve called Neot Kedumim, where we got to herd sheep, cook on fires, and learn (and promptly forget) the names of a whoooole lotta plants. It was really fun to think about how the Lord  is our shepherd, and we are just dumb sheep. Sheep are trusting though, so as long as we realize we know pretty much nothing and do our very best to trust him, he won’t lead us astray.

Our next field trip was to the City of David (just below the Old City) and we got to walk through Hezekiah’s tunnel. It was built as a way to preserve the running water in the city in ancient times. Even though the idea of being in a small enclosed space for an extending period of time with 40 other people was not exactly inviting, I’m glad I went through the tunnel! As always, the idea of it was worse than the actual thing. Life is pretty much always that way: when you face your fears, it’s not as scary as you actually thought.

Cute woolly sheepies
This one is called hyssop, that I DO remember, ha ha!
We got to grind it up so we can use it as a spice! Love it. (We eat it in the center all the time).
Seeking refuge from the desert sun.
Field Trip Fatigue Syndrome: it’s a real thing. You may have it if you look like this after a few hours of following a guide around
This is . . . Sycamore? I think? Haha this is why I will NOT be pursuing a career in botany.
Hezekiah’s tunnel! This was a different field trip.
Good thing I brought this head lamp so I can see how little space I have in here so I can be even MORE claustrophobic! Huzzah! Just kidding, it was fine.
Yet again, this was a different day. This was on our free day, just with a small group of people. We stumbled on this synagogue mostly by accident, but it was awesome!
View from on top of the synagogue.


A higher view of all the men studying in the synagogue. I love seeing people in their element.


A shop in the Old City!
More from the field trip: we got to cook at the campground there! I’ve never smelled smokier in my life, but those lentils were deeeelish.
Me stirring the lentils! Turns out I’m an amazing desert cook. Just kidding, I just did whatever the tour guide told me.
A Torah scribe talked to us about writing Torah scrolls! A very, very time-consuming process.
Went to the Garden tomb again last Sabbath. It’s a lot of fun to sit and sing hymns there. I feel like it’s a great way to bring the spirit and remember the Savior.
Selfie because there were so many people it would have taken us forever to even be able to get a picture in front of the tomb! Also p.s. this is Laurel and she’s awesome. Everyone is awesome! I’m so blessed to get to spend so much time with all these great people!

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