Feelin’ 22: Miserable and Magical

Trying to somehow capture the whole “feelin’ 22 vibe.” Is it working?

Well, I turned 22 and only listened to the song “22” about 1800 times. (Or maybe like 3? The line gets blurry after the first one because it gets stuck in your head anyway). Some friends here had already been planning a day at the beach in Tel Aviv, so I decided to tag along and consider it my birthday celebration. And. There is a really good Mexican restaurant in Tel Aviv. And. You can rent bikes there. So. Pretty great, in my opinion.

Yes, you may have noticed that I borrowed some of T-Swift’s lyrics for my title. It’s because my birthday was basically the exact same as her music video for that song.

See what I mean? Literally the same thing. Went to the beach, partied with my friends, and rode bikes! OK so there were just a couple minor differences: my shorts were definitely longer than hers, I ate a burrito instead of cake, and I rode a bike by myself instead of with some guy I met at a party. Also, we didn’t really party (I should probably clarify that for the sake of my reputation and just in case someone who could kick me out of Jerusalem reads this) (now it sounds like I said that to cover up even though I did party but let me assure you I did NOT party), except for listening to our favorite jams on the bus ride to Tel Aviv.

Why “miserable and magical”? Well, it was magical. It was everything I wanted on my birthday (though I missed my family and people at home, of course). I even got to eat a pork burrito! Have I talked about that enough yet? I don’t think I can talk about it enough. Also, the beach is the best medicine I know for a finals-worn-out soul. What about miserable, though? Well. It was MISERABLY HOT. You know how I feel about heat. I was sweatty. I also got sunburned, which I didn’t think was possible after slathering yourself with SPF 70 multiple times, but there you have it, folks: my skin never ceases to amaze.

Despite finding all those things to complain about, I’m so glad I got to celebrate my birthday in such a wonderful place with such wonderful people! I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling . . . well I don’t feel much different from 21, but what the heck, I AM FEELING 22!

Hellooooo Mediterranean Sea


Emma is cooool


WE FOUND A GUY SELLING MEXICAN EMPANADAS AND THEY WERE POSITIVELY DIVINE AND I NEARLY CRIED (this was pre-burrito dinner so it was just a fabulous bonus)


Jenna’s freaking out like me about Mexican food
The restaurant was tiny but everyone wanted to come so people kept having to peek between these plants and say hi 🙂
After Mexican food, we found some deliciously SOFT cookies (that is not a thing here!)


End of a long, exhausting, wonderful day.

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