Ein Karem

I’ve gotten behind, oh no!  A couple weeks ago (yikes) we went to a cute part of Jerusalem called Ein Karem. It’s supposedly where John the Baptist was from and there is an impressive church there commemorating his being born there. It also has some of the best ice cream we’ve had while in Jerusalem, amazing stained glass windows in a hospital (which we had quite an adventure hiking to and finding), and great views from hilltops (like all of Jerusalem). It was a lovely day and we only got lost trying to find things a few times, ha ha.

Some person’s gate
The hospital with the windows!
The outside of the windows because we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside . . . ???


A gorgeous Russian Orthodox Church. We got there just in time to see the priest entering. We caught a glimpse of the service, too, but when they were trying to usher us in, we decided we probably shouldn’t get involved in something where we have absolutely no idea what’s going on and we know zero Russian.
A mosaic depicting Mary and Elizabeth on the outside of the church


See, isn’t it a cute town?
Outside the John the Baptist church
Inside the John the Baptist church. We almost got locked inside . . . they had already closed the gate as we were leaving and we had to ask a monk to open it up for us I freaked out a little and he was laughing at us. Not an every day occurrence, you know?

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