I went thinking I’d be a beach bum, but I actually turned into a somewhat more responsible adult

Like I said in post #1 about Galilee, I absolutely fell in love with the area and was sad to leave. (That’s how I feel about the Holy Land in general, but I try not to talk about the fact that I’ll have to leave soon).

But Galilee was pivotal for me because I had a breakthrough. I’ve always believed that deep down inside of me there existed a morning person, and I think I’ve finally found her! It helps the cause a little bit to have a gorgeous beach where you can wake up and write in your journal as the sun rises, and go for a jog and see towering palm trees every way you turn. I got in the habit of waking up early while there and I hope to continue. Especially because I have heard a noticeable number of people quote President Hinckley about this over the past few weeks and I think it is a direct message to me about what I should be improving: “If you go to bed at 10:00 and get up by 6:00 a.m., things will work out for you.” There’s an article that cites this that I found very motivating if you want to read it. (I’ll be honest, I didn’t read every word. Gotta keep a tight schedule so I can go to bed at 10! Lol. I have a test tomorrow. Should I just test it out and go to bed even if I don’t finish studying? I doubt the promise applies if you’re spending all your time blogging . . . hm . . .)

Anyway, now that you know I’m on the path to becoming one of those nutty people who wakes up early every day and exercises before attending to their mundane responsibilities, here are the rest of my photos from Galilee!

St. Peter’s fish! (Tilapia)
OK so this picture is deceiving. I didn’t ACTUALLY bit its head like that. I probably tricked you with the super believable photo though, right?
WOW sunsets over Galilee!!!
I don’t really know what I’m doing here. This was just a cool place we hiked to


This looks modern but it’s actually a thousands-of-years-old sacrificial altar (I think that’s what it was?) pretty cool huh?!
Lapping from the spring where the soldiers drank from and the ones who used their hands were the wise ones. I am not wise, apparently. This is why we study the scriptures.
Thought I’d better have a photo of what I see every time we go on a field trip.
All the Allisons at the headwaters of the Jordan River! (For some reason we all started calling each other Allison).
Another waterfall. SO GORGEOUS. Can’t swim in this one though, bummer, woulda been nice, it was HOT that day
Bri and Brittany! Love these girls.
Christa! We are at Caesarea Philippi, where Paul testified of the Christ. Is our testimony as firm as these rocks? Hopefully.


Bekah, Alison, Alison, Alison


Cool scrap metal art at an old battle site.
Crusader period castle that has been turned into a museum. So much fun!
Abby, Scott, and mossy green stuff on the wall of a creepy tunnel under the castle.


Made it to the Mediterranean Sea!


View from the top of Mt. Carmel


Bahai gardens in Haifa, Israel


Templar’s cemetery in Haifa, Israel. Two early missionaries from the church died and were buried here.


One of the early converts to the church in Israel.
Another ancient Roman city, Caesarea!

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