More meandering and HOLEY food!

Yesterday we got up eeeeeearly and went to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher to observe the Sunday service(s) there. There were about 3 ceremonies going on at once in the different parts of the building. It was so cool to see the different forms of worship, hear the monks singing, and see the few people who get up early on a Sunday and attend mass. Usually the church is overflowing with tourists, but it’s quite peaceful at 7 am on a Sunday.

Afterwards, we went to an incredible bakery that, well, you could justifiably say we frequent. Two shops down is a fresh fruit juice stand. Fresh pastries and fresh-squeezed pomegranate juice for breakfast. What more could I ask for? Especially when said pastries are gigantic donuts that are dangerously delicious. (Also holey, ha ha).

We spent the rest of the day meandering some more and doing the last of our shopping. I will miss days like this.

Early morning life


The streets look so very different early in the morning when no one has opened their shops yet
Church of the Holy Sepulcher courtyard


We got to go inside a little chapel I had never even noticed before! It’s Greek orthodox.


While we were in the Greek Orthodox church, we heard DEAFENING bells (I mean those things were terrifying). Turns out it was for the procession so we got to see that. Pretty dang cool.
FINALLY, graffiti that explains my life! PARKOUR. Hahaha
Went to the Temple Mount again!


Sometimes shopping is just as exciting as anything else. There’s a guy with an amazing wood shop. This is a table stand made entirely from one piece of wood, all carved out to be interwoven pieces. SO CRAZY. It folds up, too.

Sadly, I don’t have a photo of the giant donuts. Photos will be forthcoming.


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