I have to write a 12 page paper so this is going to be short

November goal update:

I was still late to a lot of stuff. I never was able to admit it until now . . . but I think I might be what they call “chronically late.” Oh dear. Well the good news is I was on time with more frequency than normal. I even had a few moments where I ran in public with my backpack on (I am not kidding, I actually did this, despite how much I have talked in my life about how it’s the worst thing ever), ate on the go instead of at home, or sacrificed doing the dishes to be on time (if you think I’m kidding, just know that I really like doing the dishes. I feel incomplete if I leave a mess). I won’t call it a failure cause I improved ever so slightly.

December goal:

I’m not giving y’all a chance to vote on this one because there’s really only one option. With the church’s Christmas campaign, it’s obvious what I want to do! No days without service for all of December! So far I’ve kept it up. Things like taking out someone’s trash, hosting FHE, or feeding your roommates dinner—there are so many little opportunities to #lighttheworld by service. I don’t anticipate it being difficult at all to do something small every day.

JUST IN CASE you haven’t seen the Church’s Christmas initiative video:

And if you have seen it, I thought it was cool to hear Elder Bednar talking about it as well:


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