Climb [not even close to every because there is not a living soul with that much time on their hands] Mountain

Once upon a time, my pal Shelby decided to get really into hiking. I’ve always loved hiking, but not enough to actually seek out friends who do too. So when Shelby was like “I suddenly want to hike to the summit of every mountain in Utah so wanna be my hiking buddy?” I was like “Oh I was going to ask you and everyone else I hang out with if you wanted to go hiking with me but I just never got around to it because I am actually quite lazy and don’t plan this type of thing unless someone invites me and I conveniently already don’t have any other plans.”

We started small, with Mount Timpanogos (lolol). OK so we actually did a few small hikes before that: Silver Lake and Upper Falls, and I’m sure the Y was thrown in there somewhere.

Silver Lake: Look at that GLASS
11/10 worth the relatively not-hard hike
When your brother is too cool to smile in the photo and you’re too weird to do a normal smile (this is the Upper Falls in Provo Canyon) (also he is not slobbery, he put his head in the waterfall)


THEN Timpanogos. We started at midnight (I highly recommend this. Not only is the sunrise incredible from up there, but you also don’t have to get full sun on your way up, and you can’t see how far you are from the top).

The before pic . . . yes, we are just as tired as we look. 
At the top! we look much better than in the “before” picture, ironically

Getting to the top was fine, but you always forget to mentally prepare yourself for the long descent. I actually told Shelby my entire life story, complete with the most minute and uninteresting details, to keep ourselves mentally stable. This was still more enjoyable than the first time I hiked it though (family got separated, many delays, no sunscreen and severe blistering sunburns, bad case of sitting-inside-all-summer-and-being-very-out-of-shape, etc. all contributed to that).

Among the others: Battle Creek, Squaw Peak, The Y (again) and Angel’s Landing. All excellent 10/10 would recommend. There’s just something about being wayyyy up above everyone else that keeps us turning our legs to jelly and depriving ourselves of sleep.


Why are we taking selfies? Because when you quit your jobs before school you go hiking on a Thursday afternoon, there is literally no one else on the trail to take a pic of you and your bff
Squaw Peak may be steep and a little long (it’s just like doing 1/2 of Timp) but it is WORTH IT
You can imagine how hardcore we felt when later we went with our ward to the temple and could see this teeeeeny tiny flag all the way up there where we had been a few hours before
Surprise! It’s not Shelby! Two of my favorite California ladies visited and we hiked the Y 🙂
Maybe I’m too easily impressed, but I only commented about 1900 times about how cool the trees growing in the rocks were
100% necessary on every occasion and 100% uncomfortable every time
TOP OF ANGEL’S LANDING only about 234,000,000 other people in the world have taken this exact same picture, so I guess you could say we are in the big time now.

Sadly, Shelby is now on the literal other end of the Earth on a study abroad, so I am accepting applications for a temporary Fall hiking buddy. DM or email me your resumes any time between now and the winter months, thanks.