About Me & the Blog

about meb&whaircut

I’m a music junkie, an avid (though quite amateur) writer, and a lover of all things lovely. I’m studying (if you can call “complaining about college on Twitter instead of actually doing college stuff” studying) to be a teacher of social studies and Spanish. People think I’m funny, but shhh, don’t tell anyone, I actually stole all my jokes from Hot Rod. I’ve argued with my younger brother about whether I would go skydiving (once) more times than I’ve actually gone skydiving (none). Good fashion catches my eye, but tacos win my heart.

why I blog

Why the blog? I believe that all good things are meant to be shared, and I do my best to do just that: share whatever I feel is worth sharing.

When I was 6 years old, I was sure I’d end up as a famous singer, artist, or novelist. I thought I’d be married by age 20, and probably to a foreign prince. I dreamed big back then.

My dreams have changed since then, of course – now I fantasize about graduating early from college and finding a good deal on an apartment contract. I still love singing, but fame no longer appeals to me. My definition of “art” has changed a lot – I still love it, though I learned early on that I wasn’t destined to be a painter.  Being married at age 20 isn’t even possible at this point (good thing that one didn’t come true, I feel like I’m still a 12-year-old kid), though I wouldn’t rule out the finding a prince part. . .ha.

Things rarely go the way we plan, people can’t be 100% consistent, and sometimes life events seem strange. This blog is my attempt to enjoy the arbitrary array of life experiences around me and help others do the same. Here’s to taking what you get and enjoying the ride.



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