How to Curl Uber-Straight Hair

I’ve finally figured it out.

My hair is naturally so straight I didn’t even take a flat iron when I left the country for 1.5 years, knowing I would never use it. I love this about my hair – I basically do nothing to style it. It’s convenient most days. But then there are those formal occasions when I want curly hair, and this used to always frustrate me. When my hair was long, it would take up to 2 hours just to curl it. Yikes! Here’s how I’ve learned to actually curl my normally un-cooperative hair.

1. Good curling iron.

I think this was always my #1 problem; a stinky curling iron. If you read my post about turning 21, you know that I finally got a new curling wand. I wasn’t about to invest in an expensive one, however, so I did some research to see what inexpensive ones work well. I’m really happy with the one I got! There are a lot of similar, middle-of-the-road, inexpensive ones that I’m sure are great too.


This is the Conair YOU CURL.

2. Mousse/Curling Product


I’m no hair styling products guru, since I normally just don’t use any. I got some inexpensive mousse when I got my curling wand and it works great.

I thought I would have more points here, but that’s about it. Wash your hair, put some mousse in, blow dry, and then curl. Easy as that! I go layer by layer with small piecesfor tight curls, or just grab big pieces for loose waves. Done and done.

my natural hair
…and curly woohoo!!!

Ever since I figured this out, I have had my hair curly several times a week and I absolutely love it. The end.